Moroso Durafire Distributor

Moroso’s new DuraFire Distributors come equipped with everything needed to customize the ignition timing curve for your particular street/strip application. It features several high-output components including Moroso’s ProCoil that provides more complete combustion for easier starts, smoother idle, improved acceleration and more horsepower! Moroso’s Pro Coil combines low oxygen, high-conductivity magnet wire, high-silicon core material, and non-porous epoxy impregnation to produce extremely high current and extended duration for increased spark energy. HEI Distributor Cap and Rotor are precision molded from advanced polymers with solid brass contacts and low-resistance center coil brush. Part# MOR97857

• Fits Moroso DuraFire Distributors Nos. 72230 & 72231 and any 4-pin GM HEI Distributor for 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines

• High-output module delivers consistent dwell, accurate timing, extended durability and high spark output