AFCO Racing Products is proud to announce our new lightweight double pass radiators. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to shave as much as 10 pounds off the front of your car, allowing you to concentrate ballast and improve handling. The radiator features a new 1.5 thick core for improved air-flow. These race proven lightweight radiators fit like our standard radiators and installation is simple with no major modifications needed for mounting. All AFCO Radiators are 100% TIG-welded with no epoxy used and are 100% pressure tested.
Features an increased number of tubes and fins in the same height package.
Optimum fin per inch ratio promotes maximum cooling.
Standard water pressure bung for easy plumbing.
Wide range of inlets 1.5, -16AN, -20AN Male, and -20AN Female.
Available in 19 X 27-1/2 with 1-3/4 outlets.
20 overall height, 22-3/8 core width, 18-3/4 tank height,
25-7/8 tank width, 2 tank thickness, 12.5lbs. dry weight.

NOTE: Radiator DOES NOT include the screw-in inlet or overflow fitting.