HMS Caster Camber Gauge Kit

Hammond Motorsports Caster Camber Gauge Kit


Kit Includes:

- 1 Intercomp Angle Gauge (INT102144)

- Case with 5 adapters and gauge bracket



- Ball Joint: 1/2" Fine, 5/8" Fine and 9/16" Fine

- Rearend: 3/8" Coarse (quick change) and 3/8" Fine (9" Ford)


Measures your front end caster by using the adapter to attach to your upper ball joint threads.

*** Late Model cars must use the lower ball joint and may need to grind the side of the body on the spindle to establish enough clearance for the caster gauge housing.


Measure your front end camber by removing the gauge from the housing and placing the gauge on the front brake rotor.


Measure pinion angle on either quick change or Ford 9" applications.