Fast Shaft 2 1/4" Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts w/ Steel Ends

- Complete w/ U-Joints.

- The Finest And Best Valued Carbon Fiber Driveshaft On The Market Today.

- Yoke Sold Seperately.

- Must Use FTSFS006 Yokes With Carbon Fiber Driveshafts.

- Steel Style Ends For Use With Pull Bar Cars.


  • Which U-Joint come with the driveshafts?
    PRP369 Chevy to Chevy Short/Narrow comes with all Fast Shaft drive shafts.
  • How much horsepower are these rated for?
    The 3-1/4” Carbon Fiber Shafts are rated for at least 800 HP. Be careful not to get the 3-1/4” shafts confused with the 2-1/4” shafts. The 2-1/4” shafts are rated for considerably less than the 3-1/4”.
  • Are your driveshafts balanced?
    Yes, all of the Fast Shafts driveshaft’s are balanced and ready to put in.