Fast Shaft 2" .083 Chromoly Drive Shafts - Street Stock

.083 Chromoly Driveshaft

- Complete W/U-Joints and FTSFS004 Yoke

- Driveshaft Comes Balanced

- Hobby/Street Stock Application

  • Which U-Joint comes with the driveshafts?
    PRP369 Chevy to Chevy Short/Narrow comes with all Fast Shaft drive shafts.
  • Will a magnet stick to a moly driveshaft?
    Yes, a magnet will stick to chromoly because it is steel; it's just stronger than carbon steel, so it can be made lighter.
  • Are your driveshafts balanced?
    Yes, all of the Fast Shafts driveshaft’s are balanced and ready to put in.