DirtCar USA A-mod BSB shock package


NOTE: Currently in stock!

Through our Speed Guaranteed program, you have 30 days to race this shock package.  if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can send it back!  Please visit the Official Speed guaranteed page for full details.

  • Our A-mod BSB package utilizes the 25 series BASE valve shock.
  • Legal in all sanctioning bodies with a universal fill. 

Package includes:
RR - All purpose
RR - Sidebite
LR - Traction
LR - Better Entry
RF - Smooth/All Purpose
LF - Traction/All purpose
1 - coil-over kit

We're so satisfied with our shock package we've been testing with for the last 4 years that we are willing to take them back if you're not satisfied as well!

Our 6-shock package is the most efficient set we offer.  Unlike many who are adjusting shocks every single night between track conditions, our package is more focused towards track shape & size.   We feel this package is ideal for most racers.  However, some other shocks to consider would be a RF that is more focused on rough tracks as well as our unique top shock on that works with under-rail cars.  

TOP SHOCK: Our top shock (commonly known as a 90/10 shock) is not mounted in a traditional location.  It mounts into most under rail cars with the use of DirtCar USA pullbar brackets & and clamp-on mount.  It generally requires minor fabricating to mount into an overrail car.  It's best to call us if you are considering including this shock.