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JDM 6th Coil


Generally ships same-day.

Exact same piece as our rear end chain limiter, but using a different bushing stack to be ran as a 6th coil.

Various bushing materials and diameters to dictate rate and travel.

Comes standard with two (2) 1 7/16", 90A bushings.. 

Available in steel (3.25 lbs) or aluminum (2 lbs).

Using 1 3/8" bushings will travel .850".

Using 1 7/16" bushings will travel .650".

Using 1 1/2" bushings will travel .450".

Works well with Keyser clamp on shock mounts (SKU: 100 200-18)

NOTE: If you would like a different combination than standard, please specify in the notes/memo section at checkout.