Breakaway Spoilers
Breakaway Spoilers

Breakaway Spoilers

• Made of .060” aluminum

• Available in mill or black on black finish (black on rudder and blades only)

• 10” rudder on 5” tall spoiler

• 18” rudder on 8” tall spoiler

• 15” breakaway

• Completely adjustable See DOCUMENTS tab for product dimensions.

Is the part number PER 1028 - 5 inch breakaway spoiler northern sport mod legal?
No, the PER 1028 is not IMCA Legal because it is not a 1-piece Spoiler. Per IMCA rules, IMCA Northern Sport Mods have to run a 1-Piece spoiler which is PER1028-1 (Mill Finish), PER1029-1 (Black), or PER1032-1 (White)