With so many options available today, we understand how difficult it can can be to order the correct brake pads & rotors for your dirt modified.  We've made it easy by offering a pad/rotor kit to help answer any questions you may have about hub compatibility, and brake pad application.

Kit includes:

  • (2) rear rotors of your choice (.810" thick.)
  • (2) front hubs/rotors of your choice
  • (2) sets of brake pads

Note: 1 of the brake pad options comes with 3 sets of pads. (1 set does 2 corners of the car.)

This kit gives you the option of flat, drilled, or slotted rear rotors, as well your your choice of hybrid or metric front hubs.  the 3rd option we offer is brake pads, there are 5 options which are the most common, and most recommended by us. **if you would like a different combination of brake pads, please call your order in.

Rear rotors in general terms:

  • Flat rotors: Legal in all sanctions.
  • Slotted rotors: Designed to run cooler.
  • Drilled rotors: Designed to reduce weight & run cooler.

Front rotors/hubs in general terms:

  • Hybrid rotors work with the pinto spindle.
  • Metric rotors work with the new 3-piece-spindles.
  • Wheel bearing kits sold separately.
  • Hybrid wheel bearing kit part # - 9851-8551
  • Metric wheel bearing kit part # - 9851-8550

Brake pad info in general terms:

  • C1 pads: A low grip pad. Most commonly used on the front of modifieds, or on the entire car for momentum tracks where aggressive stopping power is not required.
  • C2 pads: An aggressive grip pad. Most commonly used on the rear of dirt modifieds, or on the entire car for short stop-and-go tracks where aggressive braking is required.
  • SR32 pads: the lowest grip pad AFCO offers, most commonly used on RF's of cars that have to run 4-wheel-brakes, but want similar characteristics of 3-wheel-brakes.
  • SR33 pads: more grip than the C1 pad, less grip than a C2. most commonly used on LF's.
  • SR34 pads: The most aggressive pad AFCO offers for maximum stopping power. Most commonly used on the rear of DirtCars.