Speed Guaranteed Program

The Speed Guaranteed program allows you to purchase a part (shocks, pullbars, etc.) and allows you to run it for 30 days.  If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can send it back if you are within the 30 day window for 90% of the original value.

Note: If you purchase the DirtCar USA setup guide, as an added bonus, we will offer 100% money back on any Speed Guaranteed item. (COMING SOON)



Return products to:
DirtCar USA
1257 County Road 700.
Eureka, IL 61530

It's best to contact before returning to confirm that your product is still eligible for return. Your credit card will be refunded when we receive the product.

NOTE: Minor issues will be deducted from your return. (EX: Bent shock shaft)



Blatant Mishandling - Careless handing of a product. (EX: using a pipe wrench on a shock or pullbar housing).

Excessive Damage - Damage that deems a product "not worth fixing" (EX: damaged shock bodies along with additional part problems)

Missing the 30 day period - We will be lenient on this when it comes to off-season orders and possibly months of heavy rain fall.  **Its best to contact with your situation.

We have the right to change the the terms of the Speed Guaranteed program when we feel necessary.  New changes will never apply to prior orders. 



Why do we have to purchase the DirtCar Setup guide to get a 100% return?  Our Speed Guaranteed motto does not mean that sticking a different brand pullbar on your 2008 dirtworks copy will gain you .450 seconds in lap time.  We feel the DirtCar Setup guide will help make any struggling car better, at which time we feel all of the speed guaranteed items will compliment your car.

Do you guys do sponsorships?  No.

What if I bought my product in March and don't race until mid-April, is my guarantee date is already expired???  We will be lenient on orders placed in the "offseason".  However, it's best to contact if you are concerned at all.  If we notice this being taken advantage of, we will just make it a firm 30-days.