Speed Guaranteed

The Speed Guaranteed program is very simple.  

1. You purchase a product FROM THE SPEED GUARANTEED PAGE.
2. Use it for 30 days.
3. Send it back if you don't like it.
4. we'll refund you 90%. (consider the 10% a rental fee.)
Important Notes:
  • If you purchase the DirtCar USA setup guide, we will give 100% refunds on Speed Guaranteed products.
  • Items showing excessive damage cannot be returned. EX - Pipe wrench being used on shocks or pullbar. (mild issues like bent shock shafts will be deducted from the refund)
  • Not every item is going to make you faster (ex- EZrods) but we are still guaranteeing you will like them.
  • We can add/remove items from the Guarantee page at any time.
  • Any item you purchased as long as it's on the guaranteed page will be be honored regardless if we remove it at a later date.

How returns work:

  • Call the office 309.354.4256 or email
  • when we receive the parts, we'll look them over and refund your card.

Returns get sent to:

DirtCar USA

1257 County Road 700 N

Eureka, IL 61530