NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN A RACE CAR. click here to see the official rules.

 Dirtcar USA is GIVING AWAY a RACE READY 2017 dirtcar modified and built by PCD RACECARS and equipped with a MULLINS RACE ENGINE on 12/31/17. You have all year to participate and get qualified to win. You can track the progress of the build on this car via Dirtcar USA social media. You can even see this machine first hand at PRI in 2017, along with several trade shows, events, and races throughout the Midwest this season. Enter our contest today for a chance to win a race car!

EVERY $10 SPENT at in 2017 will be equal to 1 entry that offers a chance to win. (ex: a $300 purchase entitles you to 30 entries.)

A FINALIST IS CHOSEN EVERY MONTH. For example, people who are entered in the month of February will be eligible to be the "February finalist."  The December period will end at midnight on December 20th, giving us time to prepare for the grand prize giveaway on 12/31/17. NOTE: the only way to become a monthly winner and get closer to winning a race car is to be entered within that specified month. 

Entries are sent to a 3rd party to draw for a winner each month!

Come December 20th, we will have 11 monthly Finalists. On December 31st, another drawing will be held with only monthly finalists being eligible for our free car giveaway. The odds of winning the grand prize are 1:11. 

$39,000 PRIZE POOL!!!!

 Prizes are as stated below: 

  1. 2017 PCD Racecar - RACE READY
  2. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  3. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  4. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  5. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  6. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  7. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  8. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  9. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  10. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA
  11. $400 gift card to Dirtcar USA

Tax and shipping costs are not included as "entries" into winning

***International orders are not eligible for free shippin