Would You Like To See The Lucas Oil Late Models & World of Outlaw Late Models Merge?

Posted by Shannon Bolin on

Dirt Late Model Racing has swept across the nation. Gaining popularity due to its side by side action week in and week out, along with their loveable and hateable personalities behind the wheel of these machines. As the years have come and gone, two major late model divisions have stuck their head out and become the top of the food chain. You can argue which one you like more, but the World of Outlaw Late Models and Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, reign at the top.

The problem is, on any given weekend across the United States, these two series are racing at different tracks, most of the time in different states. As a fan, you may have to pick in chose which one you want to see when they're in town if you budget to only see a few races a season. The on-track competition is superb in both, with stars like Brandon Sheppard and Chris Madden leading the WoO charge, and historic champions like Scott Bloomquist and Josh Richards leading the LOLMDS fan base. Each side has proven to be exciting, whether it's the actual on-track battles, championship drama or the personalities behind the wheel of these beasts.

Some fans have pointed to a merger between the two, so we can fix any underlying issues and see the competition at one track on any given weekend. There are many positives to this, better competition, one race weekend, at one track, a more organized product to sell to sponsorship, and possible TV partners, along with an easier schedule for weekend warrior drivers to picks and choose when they want to compete.

The only negatives to this are fewer races and the possibility of an even harder field to make, which would result in less payout for some of the drivers competing on any given night. The payout, for this to work, would have to rise. A merger between the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and World of Outlaw Late Models would carry positives and negatives. The question is, which means more to you and which side are you on?


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