Superior Steering Wheels Ready For Another Big Year In 2018

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Superior Steering Wheels has been an industry leader in customs steering wheels since opening shop only a few years ago. Leading the way is owner Terry Tabor, who took time out of his busy day to sit down with us an answer a few questions. Tabor explains how the business world is changing in auto racing and how his company is adjusting, along with how their partnership with DIRTCAR USA helps push Superior forward and what effect the social media age has had on his company's business plan. 
Terry gives insight on the importance of gaining the trust of a customer with great customer service and reliable products, as well as giving a very behind-the-scenes look at gaining partnerships with drivers and how that can be a lifetime relationship. 
Superior Steering Wheels is looking to have one of their best years in the company's history, in 2018:
Q. From the time your company got its start in the sport, to now, how has the buying process changed? 
A. "We added our website which allows orders to be placed there any time of day. Then we have also been given the awesome opportunity to join some awesome people like the ones at DIRTCAR USA that have become dealers for us that show and sell our product as well."
Q. What do you think sets your company apart from others in the motorsports industry?
A. "Superior builds each and every wheel to customers specs from the word go.  We also build certain wheels for intent in certain types of Motorsports for demands of specific vehicles, making them a perfect fit versus just another steering wheel that merely adapts in part to their form of racing. Also, our custom design feature allows customers to show their own individuality on a product that has been largely viewed as a plain item throughout most of racing history. Ending with, at least at this time with our incredible service, we are Racers and know what it’s like, so we do as much as we physically can to help Racers from the quality materials we use, to comfort of our products, to safety innovations to keep them protected from harm to being available during non-conventional working hours to answer questions we like to think our service is second to none, and our products are pretty cool too!" 
Q. Winning trust from customers is big in today's game, with how many options people have, how do you keep that trust from your customers?  
A. "The golden rule, treating each customer as we would want to be treated ourselves or even better. It really is that simple and it seems many companies have lost sight of this or just ignore it all together! Without our customers aka #CoolKids.....we are nothing! We give each and every person the respect and attention we feel they deserve."
Q. If someone was on the fence between using your brand or choosing someone else, what would be your advice for them on how your brand is the best choice?
A. "Looking at many of the other options out there, we feel we offer a much safer and higher quality product that will be there for you in the long run. Plus ours is one of the only that is made right here in the USA, and supports several other companies that do their business right here as well."
Q. How has social media changed the way you do business?
A. "Social Media has helped our company grow tremendously each and every year.....starting with Facebook and now growing into Instagram and Twitter, this is how we reach the masses and show what we do and how many choose to contact us for questions or orders, I don’t know where we would be with social media." 
Q. How does your company stay as one of the industry leaders in performance? What changes and type of flexibility go into sustaining success?
A. "We listen to our customers' ideas, criticism, and suggestions, and as well we have a mindset that nothing will ever be 100% perfect and always looking for ways to improve."
Q. As drivers get younger, how important is it to build business relationships with them young, to hopefully gain a lifelong customer?
A. "VERY IMPORTANT! Especially with a steering wheel, some customers get used to a certain thing and change is a HARD thing to do, so working with a young driver who hasn’t developed a habit with something is more apt to try it and develop a habit possibly with your product before using someone else’s." 
Q. What advantages does DIRTCAR USA and how they go about things, benefit your brand?
A. "Their reach to the racing world is broader due to their personal racing exploits, social media, and advertising techniques, all give us a much larger base with their customers to display what we do."

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