Should Major Dirt Track Racing Events Be On National TV?

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Motorsports in 2017 is an ever-changing climate. Social Media and other platforms have changed the way we consume, follow and speak about the sports we love. Auto Racing has joined that club, with many different ways to follow along with news, results, photos, and videos from different series across the world.

Dirt Track Racing was late to this party and in just the past few years they have gone deeper and deeper into getting their product to fans. Every major race across the country is streamed on some website, for you to buy. Some people may say it costs too much and they can't afford it, but it's a step in the right direction. So what's the next step? Where does this sport go from here? Well, the blueprint is right in front of promoters across the country to begin the push into the future.

The first step is to get our racing broadcasted on national television AT LEAST five times a season. This would open the door for the major events to be viewed possibly by millions. We could throw the Chili Bowl Nationals, Knoxville Nationals, World 100, Kings Royal and both the modified and late model portions of the Gateway Dirt Nationals. Currently, the only major event broadcasted on national television is the Chili Bowl Nationals.

This event is also on a channel that only a small portion of America gets. We have to improve those situations, NBC Sports Network or FOX Sports 1 buying the rights to a few races would be golden for our sport. LIVE or tap delayed would be a great move in the right direction.

The next step is to broadcast smaller events on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter LIVE for free. If you want to hire a streaming company and grab a few investors to sponsor these, it would be a perfect scenario for everyone involved. A perfect mix of social media outreach, national TV outreach and streaming company's, could put our sport on the same level as IndyCar or NASCAR.

We have the racing product, personalities, investors and anything else it would take to capture the regular sports fan in America. It all just needs to come together.

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