Harris Auto Racing - Staying Ahead of the Dirt Modified Game

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Harris Auto Racing will be one of DIRTCAR USA's main partners on the 2018 giveaway car. The Harris team prides themselves on building some of best cars and products in the racing industry. From their start in 1985 to the 2018 season, Harris Auto Racing has seen a steady rise in the performance of their products and look to have their bests season yet, this year. We sat down with, Kyle, from the Harris team, to discuss the rise of the company, how they use social media to boost their company, what their partnership with DIRTCAR USA has done for them, among many other must-read topics:

Q. From the time your company got its start in the sport, to now, how has the buying process changed?

A. "We were established in 1985, everything about the sport has changed. The buying process is an ever-changing part of what we do but just in the past 5 years, the buying process is completely different. People have become so digital that they would rather not communicate their needs with another individual but rather use a user-friendly platform to fulfill those needs. We are all in a rush to get more done and be more efficient in daily life that the digital solution gives people access to an industry that used to only be a 9-5."

Q. What do you think sets your company apart from others in the motorsports industry?

A. "We have always been a leader in innovation and technology in motorsports.  From deep roots in other forms of motorsports more advanced than the dirt market to cutting-edge technology that we use in-house including pulldown rigs & data acquisition to develop our products beyond what any of our competition is able to do."

Q. Winning trust from customers is big in today's game, with how many options people have, how do you keep that trust from your customers?

A. "Trusting your chassis builder is the very basis of the relationship that it takes to do what all of us want, win races. There are many options for different chassis and brands, what sets us apart from the rest is our service. We offer top-notch support to help our customers make the most of our product. If the guy in the car doesn’t trust the chassis and support that comes with, he will never get the full potential out of the product."

Q. If someone was on the fence between using your brand or choosing someone else, what would be your advice for them on how your brand is the best choice?

A. "Find a brand that offers more than just "a name brand racer wins with one and he will help you”. Motorsports marketing is performance driven but in most cases, the major players in this market win no matter what the brand and they won’t help the customer like promised. I see this play out so many times, it’s really too bad but unfortunately, it’s the reality of our market. That is why we house our research and development at our facility. Keeping everything in-house allows us to share information directly with the customer and make our customers successful not just “name brand racer”. Customer success is Harris success, that is a concept that we have always believed in but something that other companies have long forgotten."

Q. How has social media changed the way you do business?

A. "Social Media has given us another platform to reach customers and has sped up how fast people learn of things be it results in new products or changes in the market. We use social media as a primary communication device on our website in most cases."

Q. How does your company stay as one of the industry leaders in performance?

A. "Harris Auto Racing Suspension Services keeps our brand ahead of the technology curve as well as our performance where we need to be to win races. We have a vast network of industry leaders to work with and stay on top of the ever-changing market."

Q. As drivers get younger, how important is it to build business relationships with them young, to hopefully gain a lifelong customer?

A. "I feel it is very important to build relationships with customers no matter the age but the younger generation is the future of our market and building relationships early is key to long term customers."

Q. What advantages does DIRTCAR USA and how they go about things, benefit your brand?

A. "Social Media Networking is the best benefit to our brand that I have seen thus far, we sell parts too so they are competition in a way but we are not going to miss an opportunity to align ourselves with that kind of exposure on social media. Working together on products is another major help for us both."

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