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Hammond Motorsports has been an industry pioneer in IMCA/UMP Dirt Modified parts for many years. Beginning in the mid-1980's, owner Dave Hammond and his staff have grown year-by-year, for over three decades. We sat down with Mr. Hammond, to talk about how the racing game has changed through the years, how he forms and keeps relationships with customers, and how his relationship with DIRTCAR USA has helped HMS. For any racers, this is a little behind-the-scenes look at one of the most popular and customer friendly companies in Dirt Track Racing:  
Q.) From the time your company got its start in the sport, to now, how has the buying process changed?
A.) "I got my start back in 1984 at the age of 13. Back then, you just simply made a phone call.
Q.) What do you think sets your company apart from others in the motorsports industry?
A.)  "I'm just one of a very small few that builds & test my own products on my own car. I do not put test parts out without not-personally testing them." 
Q.) Winning trust from customers is big in today's game, with how many options people have, how do you keep that trust from your 
A.)  "I have a deal that if you are not happy with my product I will get you a different part or refund your money."
Q.) If someone was on the fence between using your brand or choosing someone else, what would be your advice for them on how your brand is the best choice?
A.) "I just tell them they need to make that choice I'm not here to push my product, it sells itself. I put my heart and soul in each and every part that goes out the door here at Hammond Motorsports. Plus, my products are made in the USA."
Q.) How has social media changed the way you do business?
A.)  "Back when I started my deal it was all word of mouth, today Social Media has taken over and I run 100% off of social media. I feel that gives your product the best reviews and we can keep in more contact with our customers no matter where they are from."
Q.) How does your company stay as one of the industry leaders in performance?
A.)  "Never stop testing new products and getting to work with a lot of key people in the industry. Plus this is all I do."
Q.) What advantages does DIRTCAR USA and how they go about things, benefit your brand?
A.) "They do one thing very good, that is they work very hard to help brand your product and spent the time to talk about your products. Most racers today forget to spend any time working with there sponsors and give the sponsors a return on their investment. Dirt Car USA gives HMS a very good return on our investment. I look forward to working with Dirt car USA for a very long time.  

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