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On this weeks edition of DIRTCAR USA 'Driver Spotlight,' we sat down with one of the best personalities on the Ohio/Indiana UMP Modified scene, Tom Treon. He talks about how 2017 was more a test session for himself and his team, goals for 2018, future plans among many other must-read topics. The Ohio native discusses what he would do if he ever drove on-to the winners-stage at Eldora Speedway after capturing an A-Main victory, as well as how much it would mean to him to get behind the wheel of a late model, once again, after a short three-year stint earlier in his career. This is another captivating interview, behind the scenes:

Q.) How was your 2017 season?

A.) "I only raced 5 races in 2017. We got the new car put together late in the year and really just wanted to get the bugs worked out for a full 2018 season."

Q.) What are your goals for 2018 and plans for next season?

A.) "The goals for the 2018 year is to get the new race program going smoothly for a full season, still trying to round up sponsors for the new team, I know I'm going to focus on points at Waynesfield Motorsports park for sure, and maybe see how things go for Eldora also. The way things went for those 5 races this year I know the car feels good, and I am confident we can get some good finishes with it, my biggest goal is to pull in that big W."

Q.) Any major chassis or engine changes coming for next season?

A.) "In February 2017 we got a Diamond by Screamin Zero Racing and have been really happy with it, I've been working with those guys for 16 years now and I don't see me going anywhere else, those guys up in Wapak have always been a big part of my racing since I first got my ass in the seat.  We have a great heartbeat in this car as well, it was built by Dargie Race Engines in 2013."

Q.) What are your future goals in racing?

A.) "Ah man, future goals in racing. My future goals in racing would be to get back into a late model, and make a run in the Sunoco Series, I ran a late model in 2009-2011 in southern Ohio at Moler Raceway, and ran Eldora a few times with it, just didn't have the Motor for it there, but I still loved that Experience and would really like the chance with a shot to wheel one again."

Q.) What's it like racing against some of the best drivers in the country, week in and week out, racing in Ohio and eastern Indiana?

A.) "I have had the chance to race with some of the best and that is a part that I really enjoy the most about this region with Eldora being so close and all the most popular drivers that strive for a win there. The one moment that stands out the most to me though, is running 5 laps door to door with Jeff Babcock for a heat race win, and I let him get in my head with only 3 laps to go, and I got into the front stretch wall and bent the lower A-frame and ball joint, that is something I will never forget, now I'm hoping I get the chance for a rematch."

Q.) What's it like racing at Eldora Speedway?

A.) "Racing at Eldora is just awesome all together, its hard to just pinpoint just one, the track is very intimidating for one, and I have seen a lot of tears of joy and some of the sadness, Eldora has always been a love/hate relationship with me, it demands a lot of respect and if you don't, that sucker has a nasty bite."

Q.) What would a win at Eldora mean to you?

A.) "A win at that track would just leave me speechless, and I would have to do some type of jig before stealing the checkered, cause their not getting that sucker back."

Q.) Anyone you'd like to thank for your racing career thus far?

A.) "I have so many people to thank, mostly my family for giving so much support, my ole' man has always helped keep me looking ahead in some of the hardest times and he is always in the garage tinkering and is the last to leave, the friends and family who have always come through to help get that car to track after offering beer, and for Hi-Grade Oil Company for keeping that motor oil fresh. I couldn't do it without any of them that's for sure. Looking forward to a great 2018 season!"

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