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On this weeks edition of 'DIRTCAR USA Driver Spotlight,' we set down with rising Ohio UMP DIRTcar Modified star, Scottie Williams. We discussed his rise in racing, 2017 success, 2018 plans, what it feels like to race at Eldora Speedway, and what it would mean to Williams to win a track championship at the famous high banks. Scottie also had some kind words for his supporters and talked about his dreams of racing in one of Eldora's premier events:

Q. How did you get your start in racing?

A. "I was born into racing. My grampa(Bob Williams) raced cars for a few years, and then went in with Jerry Walker and bought a car in '59 and owned one of the best late models back in the day. My dad(Rob Williams) then started in '87 starting out in stocks and moved to modifieds where he raced for about 27 years before wanting to step down, hop in a car a few times a year and focus on me. I started getting in and out of a go-kart when I was 5-years-old, at the age of 15 my dad put me in a stock car, I improved a lot each race for two years until my dad said it was time for a mod in 2010. Since then I've been racing a UMP DIRTcar Modified."

Q. How did 2017 go? Any highlight moments?

A. "It went pretty good actually! After missing the first two races at Eldora Speedway I still managed to get a top 15 in points. We weren't planning on running any points just race around and learn. That being said, we had a great year for the most part. We had a handful out side of the top 10 all year. Had a bunch of top 5's and some top 3's. We had a lot of chances to win some races but just couldn't get the job done, unfortunately."

Q. 2018 plans? Any major chassis or engine supplier changes?

A. "Our plans for 2018 are going to be big! It's going to be a very difficult objective, being a low funded team, but it's definitely not going to scare us away! We're getting some motors rebuilt and some new ones built and going down to one car. We're still undecided if we want to take "Marie" to the chassis builder and give it a complete remodel or go buy a brand new Modified if we're to buy a new one we're between a new Platinum or Diamond. The car we have will pretty much be made into a diamond if we were to go that route. We've been working with Brent Hole at Screaming Zero Racing (Dealer for Diamond) for a good while now and he's become great friends with us and we'd hate to leave them as he's making these cars fast. As far as motors, Jerry Walker has been our engine builder since they started back in '59, and we've have one motor by Dargie for a couple years now, both are great!"

Q. What's it like to compete at Eldora Speedway on a regular basis?

A. "I can't even describe the feeling! It truly is an honor to call Eldora Speedway my home track. You can go to a lot of places and see a "Dream" shirt or a "World 100" shirt floating around. My first race in a Modified was at Eldora, the speed, the adrenaline of running up against the wall, or the smoothness around the bottom, it's always a fun track to race at and has always had me coming back!"

Q. What would it mean to you to win the Eldora Speedway Track Championship?

A. "It would mean a lot not only to me but my dad and grampa. The Williams family has never won a championship there but for many of years we've not given up and kept going back for more. My dad has actually come just 3 points from winning the Championship after it came down to the last race (UMP Nationals) Joey Kramer finished 2 spots in front of my dad which made him the champion. I would be on top of the world if I won the championship, and it would definitely take a while before it actually sinks in. It's definitely at the top of my Goal list!"

Q. Future goals?

A. "We're really going after a track championship next year. Really want to pick up some wins next year. Go after regional points, and do our best to go for a good standing in National points! I really want to try and show my improvements, hard work, and dedication, and try to get a seat in a late model, modified, stock car down the road. Maybe get a chance in a late model at the dream and world 100 to show my talents!"

Q. Where do you see your racing career being at in five years? 

A. "If I keep going the way I am, hopefully, drive for a big-time Non-Wing, Late Model, Modified race team."

Q. Anyone you would like to thank for your racing program or career up to this point? 

A. "I really can't thank my grampa (Bob Williams) and my dad (Rob Williams) enough, without them I wouldn't be where I'm at now! The amount of money and time out in the shop is more than anyone can ask for. On another note I have to give a really big shout out to my sponsors also, The Kesler Farms, John Landis Farm, Becker Blacktop, Kona Ice, Williams Motorsports, The 2:30 Club, Screaming Zero Racing. I also have to thank all of my family for all the support that they give, and all of my amazing race fans for rooting me on, and cheering me up on bad race nights!"

As well as my supporters of my family and friends: 

" I can't thank my crew enough for everything that they do, they come to the track with their own money and bust their butts when I tear it things up Bob Williams (Grampa, motor and carburetor) Rob Williams (dad, crew chief) Danniele Simon (girlfriend, tear offs, making the car look clean before every race) Dj Stikeleather (tire, hand signals, working on car) Justin Baker (carburetors, work on car) Wayne Williams (work on car) Dylan Rivers (work on car)."

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