Driver Spotlight: Logan Schuchart

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On the week's edition of "Driver Spotlight," we sat down with World of Outlaw Sprint Car rising star, Logan Schuchart. Coming off of his breakout 2016 season, the Pennslyvania native sat out to do more of the same in 2017, and did just that. Schuchart and his Shark Racing team notched four series wins, including parking it at legendary Eldora Speedway and The Dirt Track at Charlotte. Logan added 11 Top 5 runs, and 32 Top 10's. 

Known as one of the fastest drivers to sit behind the wheel of a Sprint Car, Schuchart gave us a behind-the-scenes look into his racing career, driving for his legendary grandfather, and what his team needs to improve on to fight Donny Schatz and the rest of the Outlaw tour for the series championship in 2018. This is another must-read Q&A with one of the most talented young stars in all of motorsports:   

Q.) How did your 2017 season go on the tour? Any accomplishments or highlights? 

A.) "Winning 4 races was the highlight for us, outlaw races are very tough. Each one has a lot of meaning."

Q.) What are your plans for 2018? Any changes? 

A.) "We plan to run the Outlaw tour in 2018."

Q.) What's it like racing against the best Sprint Car drivers in the country on a weekly basis? 

A.) "Racing with the best on a weekly basis makes you better as a team, speeds up the learning curve going to so many different tracks."

Q.) Did you notice a difference in your performance the first time you went back to race in PA after being on the road? 

A.) "If we raced weekly in PA I feel like we would be one of the top cars, but we had a lot to learn when we left home and we still do."

Q.) What's it like to have a Sprint Car Hall of Famer as your grandpa and car owner? Any advantages to that? 

A.) "I’ve always been fortunate to have my grandpa in my corner. What he has taught us on and off the track is something I’ll never forget. He’s a legend in our sport, someone I have always looked up to."

Q.) What are your future goals in racing? To stay on the WoO tour? Go to NASCAR or IndyCar? 

A.) "I grew up around winged sprint car racing. It’s what I’ve dreamt to do since I was a little kid. The World of Outlaws being the biggest level, I want to be the best at that."

Q.) What are a few things you need to improve on as a team to fight for the WoO(World of Outlaw) title in 2018? 

A.) "We need to be more consistent and dramatically reduce the number of DNFs we have had in recent years."

Q.) Anyone you'd like to thank for your career thus far?

A.) "We are always thankful for all of our sponsors, our fans, and anyone who supports us in any way. We are a small team doing a lot on a big stage. Those people are the reason we are able to do it."


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