DIRTCAR USA Set To Sponsor Drivers For The 2018 Season

Posted by Shannon Bolin on

This build, among becoming the new destination site for Dirt Track Racing parts has excited fans from all motorsports, but the company refuses to stop there. 

In 2017 the motorsports sponsorship business is very complex and can be extremely challenging to master, simply putting a sticker on the car doesn't cut it anymore. DirtCar USA, staying with their innovative mindset, is introducing a new type of sponsorship program for grass-roots drivers. 

With DirtCar USA, your sponsorship size is what you make of it! We will be accepting inquiries based on geographical location, professionalism, past success, effort, social media, and website branding, as well as a knowledge of advertising and pushing a brand through motorsports. 

We will pick fifteen drivers from different areas of the country to advertise with. If you're one of these individuals, you will receive the following initially:  

  • Percentage off all purchases on 
  • Promotional content for races and events. 
  • Discount codes you can give to potential customers at events, races, etc.
  • Social Media outreach for your team and racing program, including action shots of your car, your results, accomplishments, wrap/decal debuts or anything else on our platforms(over 50,000 followers), that could be beneficial for your program.

Once a driver proves he/she can help to push DIRTCAR USA forward, they will be open to even more opportunities, including the following: 

  • Even larger percentage off all purchases on 
  • LIVE updates from select events on your schedule, from our social media staff, promoting your team, on location, at the track, to all of our followers.
  • An even higher social media presence for your team through our platforms.
  • Marketing opportunities, including public relations, days for you to go LIVE on our social media to promote your team and racing program, appearances with DIRTCAR USA, at trade shows, swap meets or other events.
  • Other sponsorship opportunities including cash, free product, and many different chances for you to build your racing program, on the tr

It's up to you, do you want to push your racing career forward? If so, submit via email, a professional sponsorship presentation to

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