How It All Started, A Look Into The DIRTCAR USA Team

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DIRTCAR USA launched their new online parts website in February, 2017 with an instant offer of "Buy your race parts from us and you will automatically be entered to win a brand new open wheel modified."

This build, among becoming the new destination site for Dirt Track Racing parts and apparel has excited fans from all motorsports. People want to know who's behind DIRTCAR USA and want to get to know them. Now is your chance for that, co-owner Jake Reinholdt sat down for a Q&A, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the #GoldRushDirtCarGiveaway car, DIRTCAR USA as a whole and future plans for the company:

1.) Give us a quick summary of how you came up with the idea of building a car and giving it away and some backstory on what had to happen for this to become a reality.

"Long story short, I had the idea around three-years-ago now at the PRI show in Indianapolis while conversing over drinks with friends Brock & Cody Bauman(the Bash Brothers of dirt track racing). I noticed there weren't very many options to get race parts online. I told Brock we should launch a website that supports the small manufacturers that have great innovative products but aren’t with large distributors."

"My concept was to basically run the marketing for these companies who don’t have time to do so. In other words, we would pool everyone's small marketing budgets together to create one larger brand. The internet and social media are changing the e-commerce scene tremendously, and I felt the Dirt Track Industry was behind on this. It took a few years to convince Brock to jump all in, but once we did we realized we were on to something big."

2.) How much does having great partners along the way help in this process?

"This wouldn’t be possible without great partners. Every great business starts with great partners and supporters. We began in Jan 2017 reaching out to Manufacturers and Chassis Builders, etc. to see what they thought about our idea. Some were hesitant, but some of them jumped in right away after we showed them a concept site."

"One of our core marketing concepts was to give away a brand new open wheel mod to grab racers and fans attention. Our Gold Rush Dirt Car Giveaway, wouldn’t be possible without our awesome partnerships with PCD Race Cars(Precision Chassis Development) and Mullins Race Engines."

"Several key partnerships came along later with awesome companies like BSB Manufacturing, Dynamic Drivelines, Jones Racing Products, JDM Racing Solutions, GMR Bodies & Interiors, Dominator Race Products, & JM Custom Wraps & Designs. We are really excited to have everyone's support our very first year."

3.) How has your relationship with Brock grown since you guys started this process?

"I’ve known Brock through mutual friends for about 10 years. As I started working in the Red Bull Global Rallycross Series I began to do a lot of Social Media work for drivers and teams. I found that winning races wasn’t as important as putting on a show was."

"People follow people on social media who are interesting and live a cool life. I worked with Brock & Cody on their Social Media presence to show a behind the scenes look into the lives of two brothers who race dirt track. (

No one was doing race recap videos at the time so ours got a lot of attention. At the end of the day, sponsors want to reach as many people as possible. Simply winning a race doesn’t matter anymore, It helps but what really helps is your social media audience. You can only reach so many people on a race weekend at a track, using social media we were able to reach hundreds of thousands, of people per weekend with a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of Brock & Cody. We’ve carried this same knowledge of social media over to DIRTCAR USA. I’m really happy with our social audience right now. We’ve gained 50,000 followers since February when we started."

"Getting back to your question about my relationship with Brock, working with someone is always a different dynamic than just being friends. You learn a lot about each other and the way each other communicate. Brock and I work well because we each have a different skill set and a different approach to finding solutions."

"Being completely honest starting a business is all about failure, it’s about trying as many things as you can, and figuring out what actually works and not just what you think will work. Brock and I compliment each other in the sense that we are both always ready to try the next new thing. We know only 1/10 ideas will work, but we still put one-hundred percent effort into each idea to see it through. Keep the ideas that work, and ditch the old ideas or try them in a different way."

"Fun Fact of the day, Brock and I have a whiteboard where we try to do brainstorming on once a week. It’s funny, I know, but it’s created a lot of where we are at today."

4.) What was your end goals when you started the build?

"The end goal for the Gold Rush Dirt Car Giveaway build is to have interesting content to talk about and grab people attention on social media."

"The build allows us to give racers and fans incentive to shop on our website. We’ve had a great reaction to the build and we have a few other projects planned around this beautiful Gold Open Wheel Mod we are giving away. When the car is complete with the Mullins Race Engine you might even see an interesting video of it on Facebook."

5.) How much has social media helped promote this build?

"To reach people you have to go where their attention is. We all know how much we use our phones and Social Media allows us to grab our demographics attention wherever they are. Sponsoring drivers/tracks isn’t very effective for the money. Social Media allows us to tell our story and inform people of what DIRTCAR USA is about and what we sell on our website. Social Media is hands down our number one way to get people to our website to buy race parts and get entered to win our giveaway car."

6.) What would you say to everyone that works either for or with DIRTCAR USA and what they have done to make this process go smoothly?

"We’ve come along way and have a great team of people working at DIRTCAR USA and partners working with us. We have the right pieces we just need some patience to continue hustling to make progress. We are always anxious for the future and getting to the next spot but when I sit and think about where we are now 10 short months later I'm very proud of what we’ve created from just an idea over some beers."

7.) Lastly, what would you say to all the DIRTCAR USA followers, and customers and what are some things they can look forward to in the future?

"We have a lot of ideas rolling around for next year, updates to our website as well as marketing concepts."

"We will know more after we get to PRI in Indianapolis and The Gateway Dirt Nationals in STL aka #DirtInDecember. We’ve reached a lot of people online, but we haven’t done much one-on-one networking yet. We want to connect with racers at tracks and trade shows, one-on-one, let them know who we are what we do and get their feedback. As far as the future goes, I think it’s safe to say we aren’t slowing down, and our giveaways probably won’t either. "

You can STILL get entered to win the #GoldRushDirtCarGiveaway car, by visiting our website - and spending $10.00. Grab some DIRTCAR USA swag or a performance part from one of our amazing partners, and it may just start or further your racing career!


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