Are World Racing Group Penalties Unfair To Drivers & Fans?

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Motorsports, in general, has a history of tight rulebooks across all major series. From the beginning of bootleggers running the south, divisions have tried, tried some more and then tried again to control the teams, drivers, and manufactures, from gaining an advantage on the racing surfaces across the world. It started in Formula 1, moved to IndyCar and then to NASCAR in the mid-90's.

Recently, politics and policing the every move of teams, drivers and performance companies have worked their way into Dirt Track Racing at many levels.

Lately, in every major event across the country sanctioned by a World Racing Group series, fans hold their breath to see if their favorite driver will make it across the scales or make it through monthly penalty announcements. It's gotten to the point where we expect it to happen. Whether it's the World of Outlaw Late Models, UMP Late Models or UMP Modifieds, you have to think at some point during the season one of these rulings will come down.

As people in the sport, we have to accept that some of these penalties are necessary. When you bash these organizations, it makes the whole sport look unorganized and unprofessional.   

On the other hand, there's a line and we have to figure out what is too much and what isn't enough.  

Some could argue how suspensions affect the fans who keep these tracks open more than anything. for example, when your favorite driver is suspended and cannot partake in an event you've had marked on your calendar all year, do you still want to go knowing that you can't cheer for your favorite driver?

Eldora Speedway has been at the forefront of this controversy. Whether it's the Dream or World 100, penalties have ravaged these races. Some with drivers failing weight at the scales or penalties coming out later in the week. Over the past four or five seasons, these situations have come up and resulted in certain teams, and as a result, drivers being suspended for certain big events. Including Josh Richards not taking part in the 2017 Dream, because of penalties from a tire issue given to his team, Best Performance Motorsports.

Chris Madden is just the most recent of these drivers and teams getting the backhand from the WRG. In a statement given by the company, they stated that Madden failed a tire test taken out at the 2017 World 100. Chris was given a 30-day penalty and it is unclear when this will be handed down and when he will serve it. More information is likely to come soon.

This is can be viewed as unfair to drivers and fans, the question is, what side are you on? Are there too many politics in the sport or should they make the rulebooks even tighter? The decision is yours, tell us what you think.  

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